2021 MAZDA CX-3 Key Fob Battery Replacement

June 15th, 2021 by
Man opening car with key fob

One of the many benefits of new Mazda vehicles, including the Mazda CX-3, is their ability to provide advanced features. One of those high-level features is remote keyless entry. Fort Worth drivers love that they can seamlessly enter their 2021 Mazda CX-3, push the start button, and then go on with their adventures. While it’s likely you don’t need a Mazda CX-3 key fob battery replacement yet, you’re probably wondering how to open the Mazda CX-3 key fob so that you can be prepared in the future.

Additionally, if you need a Mazda3 key fob battery replacement, the process should be similar as long as it has the same key fob style as the Mazda CX-3. Today, the service experts at Hiley Mazda of Hurst will go over how to open the Mazda CX-3 key fob and how to change the battery in a Mazda key fob so that you’re ready for anything!

MAZDA CX-3 Key Fob Battery Replacement – Supplies Needed

Before we go over how to open the Mazda CX-3 key fob and how to change the battery in a Mazda key fob, we need to touch on what you’ll need. The battery replacement process is straightforward and you likely have many of the supplies already in your own Dallas garage. Here’s what you’ll need to begin the key fob battery replacement:

  • Battery: You can use a CR2032 or equivalent battery for the 2021 Mazda CX-3 key fob. The Mazda3 key fob battery should be similar as well. But, make sure you reference your owner’s manual for specifics.
  • Pry Tool: A plastic pry tool or a flat-head screwdriver wrapped in tape will also be needed. You want to use something that can carefully pry open your Mazda key fob.

How to Change the Battery in a MAZDA Key Fob

We suggest scheduling a service appointment at our service center to have your Mazda CX-3 key fob battery replaced. However, if you like to regularly tackle DIY auto projects, we’ve got you covered. As we mentioned, the steps to replace the battery in your Mazda CX-3 key fob will be similar to the Mazda3 key fob battery replacement process. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to change the battery in your 2021 Mazda CX-3 key fob so that you can be back on Hurst roads in no time:

  1. Locate and press the little knob on your Mazda key fob to release the lower cover and reveal the metal key.
  2. Once the cover has been removed, there’s a tab you can press on to begin unlocking the upper cover.
  3. Take your pry tool and carefully insert it into the gap between the upper cover and body of your key fob.
  4. Now delicately slide the pry tool along the key fob body and lightly twist it to completely remove the upper cover.
  5. Using your pry tool, remove the battery cap, then the battery itself. While doing this, take note of which way the battery is facing.
  6. Insert the new battery and re-install the battery cap.
  7. Carefully install the upper cover and then the lower cover, the same way you removed it. Note that the lower cover has tabs that go into slots on the key fob body before you can snap it in place.
  8. Your Mazda key fob battery is now replaced!

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