4 Helpful Maintenance Tips for Mazda Owners in Hurst

June 2nd, 2016 by

Many of us think car maintenance is our mechanic’s job, something we don’t need to think about from one service to the next. However, your responsibility to your Mazda should go beyond making regular service appointments. Remember these helpful maintenance tips to maximize your Mazda’s life.Check Tires for DamageImage via Flickr by Antrell WilliamsHurst’s mild winters mean local motorists don’t need snow tires as people do in many other U.S. cities. That means many of us are guilty of going months or even years without looking at our tires. Tire checks are so important, though, because they can alert you to serious problems with your Mazda.On the first of the month, get into the habit of checking your tires’ treads and air pressures. If your tires’ pressures are low, add more air. However, if your tires seem to be losing pressure quickly, book a service, as you may have a leak. Your car will also need servicing if the tires are becoming bald or wearing unevenly.Pay Attention to Your BatteryHurst’s steamy summers can take a toll on your Mazda’s battery. Local high temperatures cause the battery’s chemicals to accelerate and then evaporate, which can significantly shorten its life. Try to keep your Mazda’s battery cool by garaging it or parking it in the shade whenever possible. You can also extend your battery’s life by keeping it clean and rust-free.Make sure a mechanic also regularly checks your battery, especially during the summer months when it’s most at risk. These checks should prevent a dead battery stranding you at the side of a Hurst road.Check Your CoolantYour Mazda relies on coolant to help it survive the Texas heat. Experts suggest checking the coolant level and appearance at least once a week when the engine’s cool. The coolant level in the plastic reservoir should sit between the high and low marks. In addition, check the coolant level in the radiator, and top it up with the coolant recommended in your manual if it’s low.Your coolant should be clear and brightly colored, usually red, blue, yellow, or green. There shouldn’t be anything floating in it or any oil or sludge on the surface. If your Mazda is losing coolant, or the coolant looks unusual, book it in for a service.Wash and Wax Your Mazda to Protect its PaintImage via Flickr by ** RCB **Washing and waxing your Mazda does more than enhance its appeal on the road. These measures also protect your paint from the toll Texas life can take. Wash your car at least once a month and more frequently if it starts looking dirty or it’s not garaged. This removes elements that can attack your paintwork, such as tree sap, bird droppings, dead bugs, and road tar. Removing grime from your windscreen, windows, and mirrors will also improve visibility. Waxing your Mazda at least once a month will add a protective coating to minimize the impact of Texas’s dusty roads and harsh sun.Think of your mechanic as your partner in car maintenance. While his or her job is vital to keep your Mazda running, taking a more hands-on approach to car maintenance will help increase the life of your vehicle.
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