5 Reasons Hurst Residents Need a Mazda

October 6th, 2016 by

Image via Flickr by racin jasonAt the heart of the Dallas–Fort Worth region, drivers in Hurst have a huge range of vehicles to choose from. So many automakers, however, are playing follow the leader. Their offerings all look and drive the same. Without inspecting the emblem on the grill, you sometimes can’t even tell them apart.How does Mazda step out from the crowd? Why should the people of Hurst help put more Mazdas on the streets?FocusAlthough many brands try to build one of everything, Mazda concentrates on a few cars and crossovers. Other companies attempt to master heavy-duty trucks, vans of all sizes, muscle cars, boat motors, motorcycles, and more. Mazda, however, makes six vehicles — and makes them right.SkyActivMazda’s overriding philosophy aims to increase fuel economy without detracting from performance. From the chassis to the powertrain to the body, every element of the car is designed to contribute. SkyActiv engines operate at much higher compression than standard motors, squeezing more power from the same fuel. The transmissions are electronically controlled for quicker response and less wasted energy. Ultra-high tensile strength steel makes the frame nimble at low speeds and stable at high speeds. When you drive a Mazda, you’ll feel the difference.KODOReacting to a world of plain-looking vehicles, Mazda designs all its machines according to KODO, the “Soul of Motion.” Each model is sculpted to look like a predator about to pounce. The slant of the hood, the angle of the roofline, the hunch of the fenders, and the precise creases of the metal all add to the feeling of performance even when the vehicle is parked. That’s why a Mazda stands out from a parking lot full of rectangles and squares.More ManualsLook around and you’ll see that the clutch and stick are dying. Mazda is fighting that trend. The Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-5, and Miata all offer the choice of a six-speed manual. Seize control of your gears. Give yourself the ability to downshift into a turn, feather the clutch, and power out of the curve while the revs climb. Life should be lived with three pedals.MX-5 MiataMany believe the Miata to be among the finest pure driving cars. In stock form, it has punch, responsive gears, nimble handling, low weight, and intuitive steering. Miatas are simple machines that just get on down the road in a hurry. If you know how to turn a wrench or have a little money to throw at the car, you can do a lot with one. You’ll find a huge array of after-market performance parts available, as well as many people who are experienced in tuning Miatas. They are the best way to get started in racing. With a little time, cash, and skill, you can get yourself involved in the race scene. If you turn out to be good at it, the sky is the limit.Mazda is a bit smaller than other car makers, but it is special. The few models it builds are distinct, powerful, stylish, efficient, and a great fit for the car lovers of Hurst, Texas.
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