Clear the Lot: 4 Digital Marketing Strategies that Help Sell More Cars

December 20th, 2015 by

You already know selling cars is an extremely competitive field. But did you know that your digital marketing strategy is probably the single most important driver of success? Studies show that most consumers are nearly two-thirds through their buying decision before they ever visit your dealership.The Internet has put incredible amounts of information in the hands of today’s buyers, and if you aren’t competing where your buyers are shopping, your sales goals will suffer. Here are four digital marketing strategies that help you move cars.Use Mobile VideoImage via Flickr by JanitorsToday’s consumers are tuned into their mobile devices when making purchase decisions and automotive decisions are no different. In fact, a recent study showed that fully 57 percent of car buyers credited mobile video as one of the most important resources in researching cars. Major auto manufacturers are fully aware of this trend; auto advertisers increased their mobile video spending by 160 percent last year, a figure that will only continue to grow. Video drives engagement with your brand; users spend 200 percent more time on a page that features a video of the car.Include PricesCustomers appreciate transparency; they are three times as likely to visit a dealership that posts prices online than one that doesn’t. Even if your prices aren’t the lowest posted for similar models online, customers want to see the starting point for any negotiation in the buying process. “Call for price” is a major turn off for today’s savvy shoppers.Leverage Social MediaSocial is where it’s at in digital marketing in 2015. Too many auto dealerships consider social media marketing an after-thought to their more “important” digital channels, but that’s a very short-sighted view of this huge lead generation and awareness building tool. Did you know that three-fourths of consumers trust product reviews from someone in their social circle than any other type of advertising? Encourage your satisfied customers to post a review of their experience on social media and “like” your dealership on Facebook.In addition, social outreach to your local community helps you get local citations and co-citations which adds a nice boost to your Google search rankings.Invest in Paid SearchToo often, dealerships invest in building an attractive and engaging website, but give scant attention to how they will get customers to visit it. Paid search and website optimization go hand in hand and should be tied to dynamic inventory campaigns. Organic and paid search should complement each other; use the information you gain for paid search analytics to build and optimize content on your website.In addition, focus on the details that matter to car shoppers when they search for a car. Did you know the number one search criteria people use when researching cars? It might surprise you to know that they search by color before any other variable.Focusing on your customers’ digital behavior will help you develop a digital marketing strategy that drives results. Mobile marketing, social media, transparency, and search are the keys to success in moving your inventory.
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