How to Set the Clock for Your New Mazda3

If you purchased a new Mazda3 here at Hiley Mazda of Hurst, it's likely that our sales staff walked you through how to set your clock. In case we missed that important step or you need a refresher, please feel free to visit our dealership for guidance, or just use our step-by-step guide below.

Note: We have provided steps for setting the clock on the Mazda digital clock and on the Mazda Connect™ infotainment system.

Mazda Infotainment System 

How to Set Your Mazda Digital Clock

1. To begin, hold the CLOCK button (FM/AM) for roughly 2 seconds. A beep will signal that you can start to set the time; the display will also be flashing.

2. Use the H and M buttons (TUNE) to adjust the hour and the minute.

3. When you have finished, press the CLOCK button again.

Tip: If you want to jump to the nearest hour, hold the 00 button.

How to Set Your Clock on the Mazda Connect™ Infotainment System Screen

1. Select settings on the home screen of your display. This is usually located on the right side

2. Select Clock.

3. Select Adjust Time.

4. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the hour and minute. The am/pm button will switch the clock from a.m. to p.m., if you have the clock set to a 12-hour display; if the clock is set to 24-hour display (military time) and you want to change this, go back to the Clock setting screen and change the Time Format.

5. You can also use the GPS Sync option to set the clock based on your location.

Note: Never attempt to set your clock while your vehicle is in motion.

Still have questions on setting the clock for your new Mazda3? Contact Hiley Mazda of Hurst today, and we will be happy to help.

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