Explaining our Finance and Insurance Products

Unlike some other Mazda dealerships, we offer outstanding vehicle protection options to our customers through RoadVantage. Their protection plans and products are respected throughout the automotive industry and we love passing on their excellence to our customers.

Take a look at the breakdown of all the products we offer through RoadVantage and view plan details.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Some of the finest benefits in the automotive industry come in our Tire & Wheel Protection. 

You could potentially have your tires or wheels replaced at little or no cost to you.

GAP Protection

GAP Protection can save you loads of money if your vehicle is involved in a collision. GAP Insurance can pay the difference between the balance on your loan and the estimated value of your vehicle at the time of the collision.

Door Ding Protection

Every ding on your door can knock down the value of your Mazda, so RoadVantage helps protect against minor dents. Using Paintless Dent Repair, this protection can help your Mazda remain ding-free.

Windshield Protection

Repairing a chipped or cracked windshield is crucial to avoid further cracking. 

The Windshield Protection plan covers minor repairs to the front windshield.

Key Replacement Protection

If you ever lose the key to your Mazda, RoadVantage can help you get a replacement free of charge.

Environmental Protection

Driving around Texas can take its toll on your vehicle, so the Environmental Protection plan protects exterior and interior elements of your vehicle from damage caused by the environment.

Car Inspection 

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