Mazda’s 4 Coolest Concept Cars

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Mazda’s 4 Coolest Concept CarsImage via Flickr by Corvair OwnerMazda is known for developing cool concept cars that push the limitations of performance and design. While these cars don’t make it to showrooms, the technology is often modified and included in street legal vehicles. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys looking at futuristic cars, then you will want to learn about these four designs.Mazda TaikiWhen it comes to aesthetics, the Taiki stands out as one of the most innovative designs ever created by Mazda. The word “taiki” translates as “atmostphere,” and that’s exactly what this concept car represents. With its fluid lines, oversized wheels, and glass canopy, this two-seater looks like a self-contained alien species that can live underwater or in outer space.Like many Mazda cars, the Taiki has a rotary engine. In fact, the Taiki’s engine is an enlarged version of the one used in the RX-8. For the concept car, though, the engineers enlarged the engine from 1.3 liters to 1.6 liters and added direct-injection to boost its power.Mazda KazamaiThe Mazda Kazamai combines the best features of an SUV and sports car to create a truly unique vehicle. From the outside, the Kazamai exudes strength with its large body, flared fenders, and 22-inch wheels. Designers installed panel lines along the doors to symbolize crosswinds, which is what the word kazamai means.From the inside, the Karamai feels like a high-performance sports car. It has a tight, well-positioned instrument panel and a stripped-down aesthetic.Under the hood, Mazda installed a 2.0-liter, direct-injection engine based on the design used in the CX-7. Mazda also developed a lightweight six-speed automatic transmission that helps he Kazamai burn 30 percent less fuel than comparable engines.Mazda KiyoraThe Mazda Kiyora is a hatchback designed specifically for driving in urban environments. To some people, the Kiyora may look laughably small. To anyone who has tried to navigate the crowded streets of Tokyo, though, it represents a necessity for convenient travel.The Kiyora’s small size means it doesn’t need much power. Still, Mazda equipped it with a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder engine appropriate for a much heavier vehicle. The Kiyora also features Mazda’s i-stop transmission, which is designed to improve fuel efficiency while driving in stop-and-go traffic.Perhaps the coolest, although certainly not the most sensible, feature is a roof rainwater collection and purification system that provides clean drinking water for passengers.Mazda LM55 VisionThe Mazda LM55 Vision was literally never intended for the real world. This is a digital concept car designed for the Gran Turismo 6 video game. Having the opportunity to work with pixels really gave Mazda a chance to push the limits on race car design. It has an extremely low ceiling, side fins, and a full-width spoiler that make it aerodynamic for racetracks.Since the LM55 Vision is available in a video game, it’s the only Mazda concept car you can actually drive.Mazda’s team of engineers continues to create spectacular concept cars. With so many accomplishments, you should look forward to the cars it will unveil in the near future. 
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