The Latest News on the Mazda RX-Vision

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The Latest News on the Mazda RX-VisionImage via Flickr by CreatopMazda loves to push the envelope when it comes to automotive engineering. They’re doing just that with their RX-Vision concept car.The Mazda RX-Vision is engineered with a type of rotary combustion engine the manufacturer likes to call the Mazda Wankel engine. With rotary engine fanboys clambering for a peek inside this beauty, here’s your chance to learn about the latest specs on the Mazda RX-Vision.ExteriorThere is no doubt that the Mazda RX-Vision is a stunning work of engineering art. With sleek lines and deep contours, it gives off a mean yet sexy impression. Its elongated hood gives the cabin a “blown back in your seat” look, even at a standstill.The proportions of the body exaggerate the size of the wheels and emphasize the driving power. The aerodynamic front end, tucked-in grille, and chiseled side body boldly declare that this car is not to be reckoned with on the road. Some are creatively referring to theMazda RX-Vision design as “a Jaguar F-Type or an AMG GT S that was breathed on by anime.”EngineMazda is known for experimenting with unique takes on the combustion engine. However, their recent endeavor goes above and beyond past achievements. This new rotary engine by Mazda has been dubbed SKYACTIV-R, which continues the legacy of the manufacturer’s past SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY successes.The SKYACTIV-R is the latest generation of the rotary engine. Powering the RX-Vision, it aims to break new ground in fuel economy, emissions performance, and reliability. Past generations of the rotary engine, like the SKYACTIV-D, topped out at 116 mph and 103 horsepower. However, the new SKYACTIV-R aims for even greater heights.The previous version of Mazda’s rotary engine is the 16X. Also known by the name Renesis II, the 16X rotary engine can climb up to 300 horsepower. The engine has a lengthened stroke and reduced width of the rotor housing to generate more power. It also features a direct injection fuel system and aluminum side housings.PerformanceWith a front engine as well as a rear-wheel drive powertrain, the Mazda RX-Vision is the next great king in two-seater driving luxury. Though the additional, exact power specs of the Mazda RX-Vision are unknown, the vehicle does boast an impressive 8,000 RPM redline.InteriorMazda’s unveiled concept car is dripping in bold superiority from the inside out. With deep hues of red, chrome accents, and genuine leather trim, the RX-Vision’s supple interior will hug you close. Its style matches the elongated exterior design, with a deeply recessed steering wheel center and set-back instruments in the driver’s dash. Though the interior appears at first glance to be minimalistic, this car is anything but minimal.The interior of the Mazda RX-Vision screams “high end” with its handcrafted elements. The atmosphere of this model gives off a sort of tension and excitement that is sure to entice drivers.With its knock-out exterior, state-of-the-art engineering, and voluptuous interior, the RX-Vision is a sure-fire win for Mazda in 2016.
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